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Nzowasco -Webuye Regional Office News


Men at work, Nangeni Sewer Project that will see over 50 connections come on board










It is our topmost priority to ensure all our customers have reliable water supply because we sincerely believe in our rallying call “Maji Safi Maisha Poa”.

In exceptional circumstances like the following we have interruption; shut down of production plant for routine maintance, a major line burst or when distribution lines vandalized. We have the duty to inform you the client if we anticipate a supply failure is going to affect you for more than thirty six (36) hours We encourage our customers to promptly raise supply failure concerns with customer care 0774484801 especially when there is no notice of interruption.



How much bribe should we pay to get water at Ninani Estate? We are buying water 20 litres at khs 25 with toilets in the houses with no latrine

I want to appreciate the services we're receiving. Congratulations Nzowasco.
I have one complaint to you on bogus plumbers connecting water in Naisambu Village. As I'm writing I have no water- the whole village supplied by Legacy Lower Naisambu, northern part towards Cherangani. Reason is that my neighbour use bug as plumbers who removed my Gatevalve and replaced with a bigger one to two. Since his line is liking and he could not locate his valve the main line has been shut to deny villagers water.

Many new connections have no gate valves.
I request that this mistake be corrected and my gate valves be replaced.

Otherwise we are pleased with your services.